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What is a CLU?

CLU stands for Chartered Life Underwriter, a prestigious designation awarded to professionals in the insurance and financial services industry. CLU's are highly qualified specialist who can assist you with individual and business financial planning concerns such as selecting life and health insurance, estate planning, and retirement planning. Because they have earned this designation through extensive educational, experience, and ethical requirements, CLU's have the knowledge required to guide you in making sound financial decisions.

The Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation is the undisputed professional credential for persons involved in the protection, accumulation, preservation, and distribution of the economic values of human life. Since the first examinations were held in 1928, more than 85,000 men and women have met the educational, experience, and ethics mandates needed to earn the CLU designation.

Why Select a CLU?

Since the first examinations were held in 1928, Only a select group, fewer than five percent of those in the field, have qualified to earn this designation. The requirements for becoming a CLU are stringent. Each CLU must pass a comprehensive curriculum of ten college level courses, have extensive experience in the industry, and preserve the integrity of the designation by subscribing to a strict code of professional ethics. The CLU program provides insights into the life insurance business, its importance to the economy, its operation and distribution systems, and its resurging importance for safe and secure investments.

A CLU can provide professional guidance, supplemented with timely, accurate information that will help you make wise decisions for your family and your business. When your financial security is involved, contact a CLU.