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Comprehensive Financial Planning and Wealth Management

For the past twenty-five years we have been advising high net-worth individuals, top-level executives and business owners through a process called Comprehensive Financial Planning. Financial planning means many things to many people, but we have found that most people only receive “piece meal” planning from their advisors. While this “piece meal” approach is better than no planning, a comprehensive approach helps one accomplish his or her financial goals and objectives.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Process:

  • Clarify and organize your present situation by collecting all relevant financial data such as income tax returns, budget, investment statements, estate planning documents, retirement/employee benefit plans, insurance policies and liability information.
  • Identify and prioritize your personal financial goals
  • Analyze the information as it relates to your objectives and needs
  • Produce a personalized comprehensive plan, which will formally state your objectives, analyze your current financial position and develop a plan of action to help you achieve your future financial goals. Some of the areas we will look at are income tax planning, cash flow and management, investments, retirement, estate planning, insurance and educational funding.

We will produce the following reports in your financial plan, among others:

  • A ten-year tax, cash flow and net worth projection
  • A complete investment portfolio analysis
  • A retirement analysis using both depleting and retaining capital methods
  • An estimated estate settlement cost
  • A risk management analysis (life, health and disability)
  • An educational funding analysis, if needed
  • Review and update your plan to maintain and ensure that we are on track to meet your objectives. This can be a quarterly, semi-annual or annual review. We encourage an open line of communication and keep you updated on various topics such as tax and estate law changes and wealth management strategies

Acting as your quarterback, we will coordinate the implementation of the strategies and recommendations with any existing advisors. We are aware that tax laws change, personal situations change and investment and insurance options change. For your plan to be potentially successful, we must monitor your progress and advise you of any strategies that may affect your financial plan.

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